Melinda Madre de Dios

Melinda is "The" God Mother from Fairy Tale Stories, who now lives and works in modern day Denver.


Melinda is “The” God Mother from Fairy Tale Stories (Cinderella, Snow White, etc), who now lives and works in modern day Denver. Approximately 500 yrs ago, the country we now know as England, just kind of “appeared” in the UK; at that time the boundary lines were still pretty fuzzy. The sudden appearance of an entire country with many fairy tale characters, didn’t go without being noticed by the country folk, but it wasn’t if as the peasants in early 1600’s UK could really tell anyone or do anything about it. Most the fairy tale characters scattered to various corners of the world over time. As they tell it, the reason their world and what we know as the “real world” merged together was because the magic was waning from their world. To the present day, several portals exist btwn the Fairy Tale world and the real world, and these are carefully guarded by magical beings.

Coming through the England portal 500 years ago, Melinda eventually found herself migrating to Denver, CO and living in the present day. For the last couple of decades she has worked as a social worker, specializing in child protection services. She owns a large boarding house affectionately known as Enchanted Acres and frequently rents out rooms to guests, as well as some times temporarily houses one of her social worker child clients, or takes in the occasional person in need of shelter. One of Melinda’s chief concerns is that Magic is dwindling; it was disappearing in the Fairy Tale world, causing the world to appear in the UK as the country of England. What we know as the real world lacks the the magic of the Fairy Tale world but when the two worlds merged the Fairy Tale world leaked it’s magic and magical beings into the real world. For the last 500 yrs werewolves, demons, vampires, elves, drow, mermaids, zombies, faeries, sprites, witches, wizards and other magical beings have lived in the real world and their actions and magic has gone to the occult underground.

Fairy God Mother magic is mostly done by fairy dust, which is a way in which even non magical beings can use magic, and thus it is in great demand by the beings who know it exists. The effects of fairy dust are various, depending on it’s source, quantity used and desired effects, most the time it is used for good or white magic, rather than bad or black magic. The majority of the effects of fairy dust fall into the category of metamorphose magic, either temporarily or permanent; for example turning a pumpkin into a carriage, a potato sack into a ball gown, or turning a frog into a Prince. However, small doses of fairy dust magic tend to be more simple suggestible magic or illusion magic; like changing a person’s mind, or altering a mood or memory. Melinda is a collector of fairy dust, and keeps a large amount on hand in the safe in her home office, and always carries a bag of fairy dust with her. She is the main broker of fairy dust in the mid west, this part time job supplements her income and adds to her large list of contacts.

Melinda has presence and is quite approachable but is pretty unassuming looking. She is of a non nondescript age; most people would guess at one time she was “somewhere” btwn 40 and 90 but wouldn’t really be able to pin it down closer than that and they would definitely change their guess once they stated it. She typically wears long flowing dresses and pant suits that have a distinctly hippie/Manitou look to them, yet she seems some what grandmotherly. Her hair is a light color that is hard to determine if it is blond or white and usually is a pile of curls tumbling from being partly put up on top of her head. Frequently she seems much more spry than her grandmotherly appearance would suggest and she always smells like Gingerbread and fresh baked cookies.

Melinda Madre de Dios

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