Enchanted Acres

Our Adventures!

12/26/12 – first session, we created characters and played a short vignette about a fairy dust addict breaking into Melinda’s office safe and how the character dealt with the robbery.

1/9/13 – first gaming session.
The group follows leads to discover that Melinda’s social worker boss, stole the flute from the Pied Pipper years ago. Now proficient playing it he thinks he is alleviating neglected and abused children’s suffering by luring them with the flute music, killing and burying them in his basement. After most characters over come the music with will power, Chris is able to apprehend the murder and take custody of the flute.

1/23/13 – Melinda’s friend Coral calls in a favor; asking the group to help her friend xxxxxxx, a forest spirit in Civic Center Park. xxxxxxxx found a message in vegetation a few days before that she believed was from her sister, yyyyyyyyy, a forest spirit in Triangle Park. Following some leads the group finds that murders of homeless people have been occurring on a direct path from Triangle Park to Civic Center Park along Colfax.

3/6/13 – While Oscar was out in LA attending the grand premiere of “Oz: The Great and Powerful”, the rest of the group notices an odd trend of a certain part of Denver having 2 weeks of solid rain. Chris creates hundreds of umbrellas in his basement workshop and takes them to a special assembly at an elementary school which has been experiencing this constant rain. At the assembling the group notices a sad little boy (about 8 yrs old), who they later find out is named Michael Moss, and his father figure/mother’s boyfriend/teacher at that school had been killed in a hit and run car accidently recently. The boy seemed to really want to join a group of older children, who all seemed to be in a gang. Melinda noticed that these kids seemed to have a certain glint in their eyes and all the kids were in age steps from about 9 to 13 yrs old, all boys. The group tries to speak to the boy gang, who at first resists speaking to them, but after a demostration of extreme strength, the kids decide they had nothing to lose and ‘come clean’. Each child has a special super human skill, like strength, or not being able to be burned or cut, etc. They also have a goal of killing a local businessman named Solid Gold, who owns multiple cash to gold pawn shops in the area. The reasons they site for wanting to kill him is because he hurt one of the boy’s mothers in a way he was unable to explain and that they knew he set up the hit and run killing of the teacher at the school. The group promises to help the gang, as long as they promise not to do anything for awhile and allow the group of adults to investigate. The group speaks to Michael’s single mom and find out that Solid Gold is Michael’s birth father but he must not be told, his mother said he will be told when the time is right by Mr. Gold and that the situation of Michael’s conception was more an arrangement, that Mr. Gold wanted the birth to occur, than it was any type of romantic relationship.

The group tries to come up with an idea to meet Mr. Gold directly, as it is unlikely they can just find him in any of the pawn shops at any certain time, so they decide to have him come to them. Using fairy dust, Melinda converts a bunch of worthless trinkets into "Leprechaun’s Gold’ long enough for them to exchange it at the cash for gold pawn shop, with the idea that once it turns back into worthless trinkets, Mr. Gold will come to them. That night some goones come for the money, Melinda is able to slip out and try to hand deliver the money to Mr. Gold waiting in the car outside but doesn’t get to talk to him. Oliver is then able to tail the car to a seedy night club with the rest of the group following. Watching Mr. Gold and his goones, Alfred does his usual honest over sharing and this works to get the group escorted up to talk to Mr Gold in person. Mr. Gold threatens the group but also admits that the gang of kids are all his biological children, as well as he infers that all his goones are too; he is building an army of men with super human powers. The group decides to contact John Fusco with the Weavers, who tells them that Solid Gold is a dragon who fought for the drow during the Underground Wars, and lost his powers due to a curse. John also tells them that, because Soild Gold is a war hero the Weavers can’t directly interfere with his business, but if the group wanted to do anything to stop him, the weavers would turn a blind eye. The group decides the Melinda will use fairy dust to disguise as one of Solid Gold’s “Ladies” so she can be alone with him to kill him. She decides, at the last, moment that she is not capable of this king of premeditated murder, so she castrates him instead.

03/20/13- Night at the Library- Oliver brings home one of his new conquests, a librarian named “Gail Lyman”. This disturbs Oscar because she looks almost exactly like his daughter Dorothy.
When Gail misses a date Oliver starts to worry and calls his friends. Malinda blows him off saying “Maybe you got stood up.”, but Oliver knew better and got Chris and Alfred to come to the library to look for her.
The library was closed with no signs of anyone inside but there were still cars parked outside. Oliver tries to break in but alerts a security guard outside. He quickly explains himself and gets the guard to radio in with no answer. The guard then leaves to call the police and Chris manages to unlock the front door.
Though the library was dark, the group could hear classical music from down the hall; as if a symphony was playing in another room. In the Movie and Music room the group finds the music is coming from an open book of sheet music. This room leads out into the main hall where there are non-functioning escalators. Chris and Alfred hears giggling from the children’s room. and goes to investigate while Oliver calls Melinda and Oscar; interested in the potential use of magic they agree to come. Oliver decides not to wait for them and heads upstairs, remembering that Gail had a meeting on the 6th floor. Chris and Alfred find an androgynous child playing hide and seek. The child says its name is Terrie, and if they find its friends that they will get something good.
Milinda and Ocsar show up and decide to go upstairs.
Oliver sneaks past the 2nd floor which is covered in vicious looking dogs who were all asleep. Attempting to sneak past the 3rd floor, Oliver was attacked by a large beast. Oliver manages to subdue the beast by getting it to charge into a bookcase that collapses on top of it.
The ruckus awoke the dogs as the rest of the group was heading upstairs. Chris yelled “Puppies!” while running toward the dogs. Before they could maul him, Oscar creates an illusionary pile of steaks so good that you could smell them. This got the dogs to run downstairs. The group blocks off the stairwell and explores the 2nd floor. They find a open book called “Let sleeping dogs lie”. When they closed it the dogs disappeared. They also found a child named “Pat” who tells them they have to find 3 more.
Oliver made his way to the 4th floor where a ghostly woman was crying. When he approached her she got angry saying she hated the living. After a conversation where Oliver discussed his feelings and regrets of living forever, she told him where the child was hiding.
The rest of the group found there way to the 3rd floor and found Oliver’s handiwork starting to stir under the bookshelf. They quickly found an open book called “Unleashing The Beast Within” and closed it, causing the beast to disappear. They also found a child named Alex.
Oliver found the child the ghost spoke of and was confused when this child named “Chris” said he had one more to find. The rest of the group made their way to the 4th floor and reunited with Oliver. They also found an open book called “Negotiating the Spirit Realm”, closed it, and saw the ghost disappear.
The group snuck up to the 5th floor to hear some sort of shoot out going on. Malinda decides to use some fairy dust to summon forest animals to clean up this floor, hoping that they close the book in the process. It works and the gunfire ceased. They find the last child “Erin” who tells them that their reward is a riddle to get in the 6th floor.
Rust Demise and Fire’s Mirth,
Water Walker, Squeaking Dearth,
Wear me now upon your skin,
And safely you may enter in.
At the door to the 6th floor the players heard buzzing and chirping on the other side. Opening the door, reveled a wide hallway. The walls floor and ceiling seemed to writhe because the hall was filled with bugs. Closing the door Chris deduced that oil might be the solution to the riddle. The group searched the 7th floor offices and found some motor oil used for the book mobile. Chris covered himself in the oil and opened the door to the 6th floor. The oil worked and he repelled the bugs. At the end of the hall he found an open book that the bugs were coming out of called “insects of the world”. Closing the book made the bugs disappear. At the end of the hall was a door. Opening it revealed, to the group, Gail sitting at a desk reading aloud from an old book. Around her was crates of old books and other library employees collapsed on the floor. Her body language indicated that she was under an enchantment. Oliver and Oscar managed to physically break her free from the spell and she woke up confused and dazed. Oliver took her home but it was apparent that she was no longer under his love enchantment. The rest of the group went back to Enchanted Acres to find that they were robbed. The place was ransacked and many valuables were missing including Melinda’s fairy dust stash and Chris’s safe that contained the pied pipers flute and the blood apples. Inside the safe was a gold tooth indicating Solid Gold was behind it.

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